Boat Girls Just Got Cuddlier! “Azur Lane” Kororin Coming Soon

Source: Chugai Online

Ever wanted to hug a battleship? Hush, of course you have. And Chugai Online heard your pleas — here come Azur Lane Kororin!

That Other Boat Girl Game

Source: Chugai Online

Chinese smartphone game Azur Lane quickly went from KanColle competitor to one of the most popular downloads in Japan’s app store. The two games are extremely similar — both featuring anthromorphized battleships you can marry — but Azur Lane takes their story global with ships from around the world. The two games have coexisted happily, but Azur Lane continues to gain steam.

The game’s Japanese localization gained popularity quickly as fans noticed what it had that KanColle lacked. From a linear storyline to side-scrolling shooter action, the increased interaction drew fans in. There’s even a home base where you can interact with chibi sprites of your ship girls. (Also we hear the drop rates for SSRs are out of this world.)

All these things combined shot Azur Lane up the charts, with more than 5 million users registered in Japan in its first four months. It’s no wonder it’s already getting cute plushies!

Tsum Tsum!

Source: Chugai Online

The roly-poly aesthetic of Azur Lane‘s new toys may seem familiar, and for good reason. Called mochi kororin or or omusubi kororin in Japan, the stackable chibis have already found a fandom worldwide in Disney’s Tsum Tsum line. But Disney doesn’t corner the market on these cuties: the kororin plushies are a collector’s item no matter who produces them!

The first line of Azur Lane kororin features six cuddly ship girls: Atago, San Diego, Unicorn, Vampire, Indianapolis, and Hamman. There’s no word yet on whether there will be more, but it’s probably a matter of how well these sell.

The plushies come in advance of other merch, like trading posters and keyrings. Check out the product page to see what’s coming next!


Are you into Azur Lane? Tell us what you think of it in the comments!

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