Brand New Bleach Game for Mobile Platforms!

Brand New Bleach Game for Mobile Platforms! Bleach: Paradise Lost

Honestly, I didn’t have much hope for this game. Bleach: Paradise Lost is being developed for Android and iOS devices by a messenger app that lets you send stickers to your friends. So, you can see where my skepticism was coming from…

And then I saw the trailer.



Well, at the very least, the graphics look good.

The Basics

First and foremost, this will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases (God knows what that’ll involve). But honestly, the gameplay doesn’t sound half bad. In this game, you’ll become one of a number of the Gotei 13 and get to fight against the Hollow. This is a GPS based game (like Pokémon GO), so you’ll actually have to travel to find these Hollow. Once you find a Hollow, you’ll enter into turn-based gameplay, where you’ll use strategies based on the characters you have.

Bleach: Paradise Lost will also contain a story mode which will include the Gotei 13 & the Soul Society.

Brand New Bleach Game for Mobile Platforms! Bleach: Paradise Lost
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If nothing else, this game seems fun, and it looks like they’re putting a ton of effort into it. The graphics look great, and I hope they scale perfectly to a mobile phone. The game contains 17 characters from the show, and from a gameplay video I watched, all of them look to be playable.

Since the game is GPS based, I have no clue what similarities it will have to Pokemon GO. Is multiplayer possible? My biggest hope is that the GPS Hollow fighting mode allows you to level up your player/team to help you advance in the story mode.

Despite its presumed greatness, I’m super concerned about the in-app purchases. What exactly do players have to buy? Is it weapon upgrades? Skins? Move sets? Transformations? More storylines through DLC? There’s just not enough information yet.

Bleach: Paradise Lost will be released sometime in 2017.







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