Build, Fight & Loot In New Gundam Breaker Gunpla Game

Build, Fight & Loot In New Gundam Breaker Gunpla Game
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Plastic models have always been an important part of the Gundam appeal. But in recent years, “Gunpla” has taken on a life of its own — even within the Gundam franchise.

Now, the upcoming New Gundam Breaker video game will give you the opportunity to smash and rebuild Gunpla with the best of them.

Build, Fight & Loot In New Gundam Breaker Gunpla Game
Source: PlayAsia

What Is Gundam Breaker?

The Gundam Breaker video games take Gundam battles to a whole new level… a smaller one, that is! First released in 2013, the games equip you with digital versions of Gunpla kits, battling against other kits. Loot parts after your wins and “kitbash” your own custom fighter.

Unsurprisingly, Gundam Breaker first came out the same year as the Gundam Build Fighters anime. Together, the game and anime created a new world where the excitement of Gundam battles and the popularity of Gunpla building could exist hand-in-hand. Two game sequels rolled out in the years following… and this year, a new one is coming our way.

Not only that, it’ll be available worldwide.

Build, Fight & Loot In New Gundam Breaker Gunpla Game

The Inner Frame

New Gundam Breaker promises all sorts of innovations, even for people already versed in the Gundam Breaker universe. And the small-scale battles are already looking hugely exciting.

For starters, New Gundam Breaker integrates “inner frames,” a more modern element of Gunpla. These are the skeletons of your Gundam, and — in the context of the game — also decide what sort of powers your unit will have. With more than 100 real-world models to pick and choose from, you’ll be able to create a highly customized fighter.

The new game also includes all sorts of bonuses, some of special interest to Gundam Build Fighters fans. The game’s “Super Fumina” mission lets you fight the Fumina Hoshino custom from Gundam Build Fighters Fry. (For non-fans — yes, that is a Gundam that actually looks like a girl in a maid outfit.) There’ll also be an edition with an extended soundtrack, plus one that comes with a special-edition Gunpla for the full experience.

New Gundam Breaker comes out next month on PS4 and Windows.





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