Bungie Scrambles To Respond To Destiny 2 Player Outcry

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Destiny and Destiny 2‘s gold star multiplayer shooter experience makes Bungie one of the biggest names in video game development, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes.

Lately the franchise has been plagued with all sorts of issues, leaving players up in arms. Here’s a rundown of the shit show:

  • There have been multiple waves of player bans coming from Bungie. Player bans can happen for various reasons like hacks or cheating, but many of these banned players have made claims that they were pushed out unfairly. At first, Bungie claimed these bans were only made after personal investigation by trained staff. Later, this was overturned when the developer apologized and said that these bans were made in error; many player bans were reversed. The players believe that these bans came down because of their use of third-party services like Discord and Open Broadcast Software.
  • Players discovered that their XP leveling up system was being rigged against them. Players began to correspond and realize that over time they were earning less XP for the same tasks. Bungie later responded that this was actually intentional. They had instituted a program that scaled down experience earnings for activities that can be chained together like grinding public events. Bungie said this was an effort to balance the leveling up experience while many players saw it as a way to encourage them to spend more actual money on the ‘Bright Engrams.’ They are like boxes of loot you get in game. You can earn them through XP or purchase them with actual cash.
  • “Unintentionally” locking access to some high-level content behind the purchase of the game’s first expansion. (Without access to the aforementioned content, you could no longer attempt to unlock two PlayStation Network trophies or Xbox Live achievements: one for completing a Prestige activity, and another for winning a Trials match.)

On top of all of these complaints, they’ve failed to respond to concerns quickly, and have completely failed in terms of transparency. In a world filled with so many gaming options, Bungie is definitely going to want to smooth out these rough edges.

Get info about the most recent Destiny 2 update here

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