Cakes Fit for a Moon Princess at New Sailor Moon Café

from Sailor Moon Crystal

What’s better than delicious cake? Delicious magical girl-themed cake! We love themed anime cafés, and Shibuya Seibu’s Café Comme Ça has all our love right now with their new Sailor Moon promotion.

Café Comme Ça
from Tokyo Otaku Mode

For 1,350 yen, you can try a cake set (including a cake and drink) themed to your favorite inner senshi. Both the cakes and drinks use fresh fruits and herbs, making them both sweet and colorful! What can you expect?

Sailor Moon: Mango peach pineapple cake with crescent moon cookies and custard cream, paired with a glass of pink grapefruit juice.

Sailor Mercury: Blueberry, grape, and blue curacao jellies on cream cheese, paired with a glass of blue curacao lemonade.

Sailor Mars: Strawberry and cherry cake with raspberry mousse hearts and raspberry cream cheese, paired with a glass of passion fruit juice with cassis and rosemary.

Sailor Jupiter: Thunder melon and kiwi cake with green tea rare cheesecake and raspberry mousse flowers, paired with a glass of lime and green apple soda.

Sailor Venus: Mango and orange cake with mango mousse stars and a mango fromage blanc base, paired with a glass of mango soda with lemongrass.

Café Comme Ça
Image source: Otaku Mode

Sound fancy? There’s more to it! Each cake set comes with a collectible coaster you can take home with you. Also, this promotion is being held in conjunction with Kotobukiya at the same venue. The bookshop will be displaying art, costumes, and more for Sailor Moon fans!

The café is sponsored by the official Sailor Moon fan club, and will be running for a limited time. So if you’re a magical girl fan and happen to be in the area, don’t miss this chance to dine like a moon princess and take some cute collectibles home with you!

Which of the cake sets is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!



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