Can We Stop With The Recap Episodes?

Can We Stop With The Recap Episodes?
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If you’ve watched the first two episodes of My Hero Academia’s third season, then you know the frustrations of a recap episode. MHA went above and beyond to extend theirs to nearly two episodes to start this season (yes, I count the pointless five-minute earth monster battle where we’re reacquainted with everyone’s quirks).

Between that battle and Hinata’s perviness, we lost 10 minutes of episode two.

Can We Stop With The Recap Episodes?
(Source: ‘My Hero Academia – Season One – Coming Soon’ Trailer)

Seriously. How much did the plot advance in those first two episodes? We already knew they were headed to summer camp. We met that weird kid whose parents died as heroes. It took two episodes of recap to get to that point. That is downright sinful.

To me, this is the most unforgivable trend of anime. I don’t mind filler if it’s done well. But recap episodes are monumental time sucks that negate the anticipation and excitement of a premiere.

It’s only been 6.5 months since the end of last season. It just isn’t necessary.

And on that note, I’d step on 1000 nails if it meant I never saw another mid-season recap episode. Why do those exist?! Our memories are not so poor that we need one after 6 episodes. They’re as worthless as beach/onsen episodes. In the last two years, I’ve seen them in Saga of Tanya the Evil (Episode 6.5), 91 Days (Episode 7.5), Erased (Episode 6.5), and Evil or Live (Episode 9.5). Nine-point-f*cking-five. There are only three episodes after that. Is a recap REALLY necessary?

Why risk insulting your audience?

Be it laziness, not enough story, cramped deadlines, whatever. Recap episodes are an insane waste of an audience’s time.

After waiting a whole week or the time between seasons, it’s unfair to subject your viewers to a recap episode. Please stop making them.

We’ll all be much happier.





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