“Catherine” Is Back And Promises More Of Everything

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Back in 2011, while Skyrim and Call of Duty 3 were dominating the top selling charts, Catherine quietly became one of the year’s best sleeper hits. The fact that Catherine never broke any records isn’t surprising – puzzle games rarely do (well okay, Tetris). But Catherine is SO much more than a puzzle game… It’s an interactive raunchy story, an engaging brain teaser, and a terrifying horror thriller at the same time.

To call it a “a puzzle platformer” is to undermine just what it accomplished. That’s why the latest news out of Atlus is so exciting.

Their team is currently developing a massive update to the game – which includes new characters, new scenes, new endings, and enhanced gameplay. For a game that is half gameplay and half anime, that’s means more of everything that really matters.

Check out the trailer and stick around for some details below.

The main addition to the story is a new Catherine, called just Rin, making a grand total of 3 Catherines. You can see from the trailer she’s a pianist at Vincent’s bar, and a bit sweeter looking than grumpy Katherine or coquettish Catherine. But of course, she’s not all she appears to be.

There are also new endings – plural. That means all those decisions you make have more impact on how Vincent’s story plays out. Does this game have more replay value than any game ever? …Starting to feel that way.

Multiple difficulty levels and other systems are being added. Strange, since the original had four difficulties already, but I imagine they’re doing that based on other new features. New in-game mechanic involving block movement/management will spice things up too. This could change a lot of existing levels, making the whole game feel new!

There will also be cross-save support added. And more scantly-clad demon lady scenes… But best of all, online multi-player battles!

Honestly, I don’t usually invest in remakes, unless it’s a favorite of mine and the remake is worth my hard earned ducats. This meets all criteria by about a mile.

Catherine: Full Body still has no release date, but sources say it’s over 50% completed already. We’ll keep you posted! Anyone else a die-hard Catherine fan? Show your support in the comments below!

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