Cats Are People, Too! “NekoPara” Rolls Out New Promotions

Cats Are People, Too! "NekoPara" Rolls Out New Promotions
(Source: Neko Works)

If you’ve not encountered NekoPara in the wild yet… well, we’re not surprised. The adult visual novel has a steady fan base among eroge fans, but hasn’t quite cracked the mainstream market yet. But that’s begun to change, thanks to a successfully crowdfunded OVA. And now, gamers can experience the story on two new platforms!

Cat’s Paradise

Cats Are People, Too! "NekoPara" Rolls Out New Promotions
(Source: Sekai Project)

In the world of NekoPara, catgirls — still referred to as “Neko” in the English translation — are pets and companions to humans. Two in particular, the perky Chocola and the calm Vanilla, are twin sisters and pets of aspiring chef Kashou. When he leaves home to start his own shop, his faithful Neko are close behind.

And… well… you can probably imagine how things go from there.

The multi-chapter visual novel, localized by Sekai Project, contains several scenes that won’t be okay for kids. But it also has adorable scenes of the twin Neko learning to become waitresses for their master’s new shop.

And, of course, they aren’t the only Neko in town. Kashou’s family has four more Neko who come to visit. Oh, and there’s a human girl in there, if that’s something you’re into.

Rolling Out

Cats Are People, Too! "NekoPara" Rolls Out New Promotions

Fans who couldn’t get enough of the Minaduki family Neko chipped in to create an OVA — and the crowdfunding campaign was a success! The OVA covered the story of the first game, with a few little twists to keep things interesting.

And in more recent news, the game has been ported to both PS4 and Nintendo Switch, making it even more accessible to interested gamers.

The release date, February 22, saw trucks rolling out across Japan with the news emblazoned on the side. Additionally, the OVA is available on multiple streaming sites in Japan.

Otakomu reported on the festivities, showing off some highly decorated itasha. There are also two new (NSFW but censored) figures of Chocola and Vanilla.

So how far will Neko Fever go? That still remains to be seen!

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