Celebrate DigiDestined At “Digimon Adventures tri.” Café

© 本郷あきよし・東映アニメーション

We love our collab cafes, and Ani-ON STATION is making our dreams come true with a new Digimon Adventures tri. themed party station. The event celebrates the premiere of the final film in the series.

From sweet sodas to DigiDestined Parfaits, we’ve got the scoop on their sweet menu!

What’s Cooking?

The prime feature of any collab café is, of course, the inventive food! Digimon fans can sample Digital World Curry (served with basil rice and lettuce), a sweet DigiDestined Parfait, and “Butter-Fly” spaghetti carbonara. More menu items will likely be rolled out over time.

Celebrate DigiDestined At "Digimon Adventures tri." Cafe
Source: Ani-ON STATION

For those looking for a sweet drink on the side, there are as many flavors as there are DigiDestined! The non-alcoholic mixes range from green apple soda (for Mimi and Palmon) to a grapefruit and mixed berry float (for Joe and Gomamon). Plus, each drink comes with a coaster shaped like the namesake’s DigiVice.


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