Changing Of The Guard: A New PreCure Enters!

Changing of the Guard: A New PreCure Enters! super sentai
Source: PreCure YouTube Channel

For franchise shows that change out each season, it’s often tradition to film a “baton passing” scene. Fans of super sentai or Kamen Rider will know this well. The lead hero crosses paths with high fives, or otherwise acknowledges the incoming hero as they leave. And PreCure, a magical girl franchise with definite super sentai similarities, is no different!

On The Outs

Changing of the Guard: A New PreCure Enters! super sentai
Source: Anime Regent

The PreCure franchise has been going strong since 2004, when it premiered as the magical girl duo show Futari wa PreCure! (We Are Pretty Cure!). Since then, it’s reinvented itself every year, changing out themes, designs, and directors.

Over time it’s developed its own sets of standards. Where super sentai has a red ranger in the lead, the PreCure franchise gives that role to the team’s pink Cure: most recently, the bunny-eared Cure Whip. (Cure Black and Cure Bloom, the first two leads, had only a bit of pink on their gear; but the tradition still holds.) You’ll also see chatty mascots, wild hairstyles, and extremely marketable magical items.

Meanwhile, each season circles a new theme: fairy tales in Smile PreCure, music in Suite PreCure, and sweets and animals in the recent Kira Kira PreCure à la Mode. The upcoming HUGtto! PreCure will apparently be based around themes of the future and achieving one’s dreams, either from a parenting or a career standpoint.

The Baton Pass

PreCure has adopted the “baton-passing” tradition — bringing it even closer in style to its tokusatsu cousins. With Kira Kira PreCure à la Mode! on the outs, Toei released a special video showing Cure Whip and HUGtto! PreCure leader Cure Yell sharing good wishes over a cake.

HUGtto! PreCure marks the 15th anniversary of the franchise, so it’s a banner year for these magical girls! And it’s great to see this proud tradition carried on, helping kids move from one team to the next.

Are you excited for HUGtto! PreCure? Let us know in the comments!

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