Chibi Reviews Agrees: Little Witch Academia Is Solid Gold

Chibi Reviews Agrees: Little Witch Academia Is Solid Gold!

A Series For The Fans

Chibi Reviews says it best: Little Witch Academia fulfilled long awaited wishes from fans. It expanded upon the world that Studio Trigger started in a small OVA and was just… perfect.

You can see the passion they put into their series

Akko’s importance and growth is of course the primary focus of the series – she starts out as an awe inspired girl who loves magic and idolizes a witch named Shiny Chariot. It’s from this moment that Akko is driven to become a witch and she sets out in stride. Sure, she fumbles through out her tenure at the school she attends, but her head is held damn high. Chibi Reviews touches on the facts that we discover that magic in this world is dying due to the lack of faith in it.

It’s this lack of faith that Akko desperately has to combat in the final episode and as Chibi Reviews laid it out, we see a budding resurgence of faith. It’s this support that Akko and company are able to achieve what they set out to accomplish. With faith, a person can aspire to a many great things. It is this support/faith that landed us this anime to begin with. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to see Akko struggle so fiercely to make her name known.

A character that is entirely relatable

We often gaze upon characters with a half-glass sort of approach. They generally put pace us in both health and life. Akko is another story all together. She comes from a normal family and a normal life, yet she strives to become a witch… even with all the odds stacked against her. She struggled at even the most basic of witchcrafts and can’t even fly a broom. Still, she pushes forward, never letting a small bit of failure get in her way. x

Chibi Reviews gives nod to how easy it is to find something within Akko that’s familiar and entirely related to you. We all want to chase after a lofty dream and goal, we just have to get our feet off the ground first. Even the other characters like Sucy have a relation. They want to better themselves or their families. All of it can relate back to us viewers and that is what makes an anime like this so compelling, so engaging.

In many ways I have to say I loved the work that Studio TRIGGER has accomplished with this anime series. It is safe to assume that both Chibi Reviews and myself would agree that this series deserves a second season. No questions asked.

Get his full review below.

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