“CLANNAD” Creators Return with New VN “Summer Pockets”

"CLANNAD" Creators Return with New VN "Summer Pockets"
(Source: Key Visual Arts)

If you’ve been in the mood for some Key-style romance, never fear. The visual novel company, who also created CLANNAD and Little Busters!, are back this year with Summer Pockets!

The nostalgic summer love story just launched its new trailer, and we’ve got a first look at the four characters we’ll be meeting in the new game.

Forgotten Summer Vacation

Voice actress Kana Hanazawa narrates the new trailer, and it shows summer in the small island village of Toshirojima. (The setting, incidentally, comes from Ogijima in Kagawa Prefecture!) We also get to meet the game’s four love interests. In the order they’re shown toward the end, we have: Shiroha, a girl who has forgotten her vacation; Ao, a girl seeking out the legends of the island; Tsumugi, a youngster in search of herself; and Kamome, a girl searching for a pirate ship.

You, the player, are Hairi — an urban boy who comes to the island to run his grandmother’s estate sale after an “incident” back home. What was the incident? What are you hoping to find here? And, of course, which girl will you choose?

A Solid Crew

"CLANNAD" Creators Return with New VN "Summer Pockets"
(Source: @key_official / Twitter)

Key co-founder Jun Maeda leads up the game team, contributing the story concept and part of the score. Character design is courtesy of Na-Ga, who has also designed characters for Little Busters!, Kud Wafter, and many other Key releases.

As for the voice actors — well, so far we know that Kana Hanazawa is on board, as she narrated the trailer. Hanazawa has also appeared in the Key visual novel Rewrite.

Summer Pockets will be released in Japan on June 29th. There’s no word yet of localizations or Western release. However, with the way visual novels have been doing on Steam, we can hope, right?

Are you excited for Summer Pockets? Let us know in the comments below!

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