A “Classic” Game Boy Is In The Works: But It’s Not What You Think

A "Classic" Game Boy Is In The Works: But It's Not What You Think

Retro consoles are here to stay. As someone that stood in line at a Walmart an hour-long drive away (at midnight…in the rain…) for a SNES Classic, I know it.

Most recently, peripherals manufacturer Hyperkin announced it’s working on the “Ultra Game Boy”: its own remake of the classic portable handheld. Before you huff and puff about a knock off, Hyperkin is supposedly improving Nintendo’s original creation in multiple ways, without impacting a single second of your classic gameplay.

So what’s changing?

A "Classic" Game Boy Is In The Works: But It's Not What You Think
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Think aluminum housing, which will take a lot of abuse when other consoles show wear and tear. The Ultra Game Boy carries over the original’s volume and contrast dials, but the final version will include a third dial allowing you to adjust the portable console’s new backlit LCD display through the entire RGB spectrum. That backlight can also be turned off, if you want a truly authentic, squinty Game Boy experience.

Plus, your Ultra Game Boy will include a built-in six-hour battery, a USB-C port for charging, as well as a pair of stereo speakers, and left/right audio-out connections. Aside from appealing to retro gamers, Hyperkin’s Ultra Game Boy is also being customized for chiptune musicians who use the classic console to create modern electronic tunes (which is actually very popular, unbeknownst to us).

Word on the street is the Ultra Game Boy will be ready for late Summer this year, with a price point of under $100. It all sounds perfect… except this hyper console won’t have any pre-installed games… You can only play your classic Game Boy games and Color carts with original cartridges.

SO, major congrats to those of you who saved your games… They’re about to become a heck of a lot more valuable. To those of you who didn’t? You might be better off waiting for Nintendo to catch up.


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