Collab Café Watch: Space Operas Get Tasty!

Collab Café Watch: Space Operas Get Tasty!

We’re still keeping an eye on Japan’s collab cafés — limited-run menus celebrating the anime we love. There’s always at least one running, it seems. Right now, with anniversaries and new releases everywhere, Akiba is full of themed menus. Two in particular that caught our eye take us back to our favorite space operas.

Both of them have new life this year, and a menu to match!

Char Aznable Invades CoCo Ichibanya

Collab Café Watch: Space Operas Get Tasty!
Source: CoCo Ichibanya

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is renowned for its wild anime crossover events. In the past, it’s hosted campaigns for everything from Dragon Ball to Lupin III. Its latest campaign celebrates Gundam the Origin: The Rise of the Red Comet. And if you’re a fan of Char Aznable, this one’s for you.

Customers spending at least 900 yen in one visit can scan their receipts to enter a lottery… and the prizes are pretty sweet. You can score CoCo Ichibanya gift cards, and Gundam Guys Generation figure of Char, and a set of Zeon spoons. Or you can go for the big prize: a special-edition 1/144 MS-06S Zaku, complete with a curry spoon!

The campaign runs until May 31st: check out the official site!


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