These 3 Films Just Won $80,000 in #VOFF4

The date has finally come for us to announce #VOFF4’s winning films. Our fourth online film festival has had the privilege of sharing over 220 films from all over the world, all with the goal of making the world a better place. Tied together with the theme of ‘Share it Forward,’ we’ve explored films that deal with the human condition, environmentalism, human rights, poverty, just to name a few. During the first two weeks of the festival, you all tweeted, shared, and voted for your favorite films that were narrowed down into the Top 10. From there our jurors watched and deliberated for a week, as to which films stood out the most. With that said, we want to congratulate #VOFF4’s winner, Davids and Goliath, directed by Leon Lee, as well as second and third place films, Deafening Silence and Drops of Joy!



We were lucky enough to have a quick Q&A with Leon Lee (Davids and Goliath) about winning the festival and his future plans:

What do you plan to do with the prize money?

The prize money will help to further promote Davids & Goliath so we can keep spreading this story around the world. We are releasing the film worldwide in 2015 under the title Human Harvest, along with an interactive site that will help educate and create additional awareness on the subject. Getting this kind of exposure will do great things for the cause.The prize will also go toward a new project I am working on about one woman’s terrifying escape from a labour camp in communist China. It’s an important story that I am honoured to be able to tell with the help of Viewster.  


What made you want to make Davids and Goliath in the first place? Tell me more about the cause and the story.

When you first hear about the systematic corruption and terrifying human rights abuses currently taking place in China it’s almost so terrible that it’s hard to believe. I think it’s easier to pretend it isn’t real. When I started looking into the report produced by Nobel Peace Prize Nominees David Matas and David Kilgour, the irrefutable evidence shook me and compelled me to tell this story, it became a matter of urgency. Documentary film is a powerful tool for change and as a Chinese speaking person in North America I have a unique ability to tell this story freely and to speak for those who cannot.


What are you working on next?

I am currently working on a few projects, all of which expose the hardships faced by individuals in communist China.  My next feature documentary Jing Tian’s Escape will be greatly aided by this generous prize. Together we have the power to create change in the world, so thank you for believing in our film and helping us share these important stories. 



3. Drops of Joy ($10,000)

Drops of Joy

This film emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s playful spirit from childhood into one’s adult years.


2. Deafening Silence ($20,000)

Deafening Silence

Whilst at a routine checkup with the midwife, Louise and Sean are told the news any parent dreads: “there is no heartbeat.”


1. Davids and Goliath ($50,000)

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.06.50

Nobel Peace Prize nominees use their wisdom and courage to fight against one of the world’s worst crimes against humanity, the Chinese organ trade.


If you haven’t seen this film yet and want to, don’t fret! All of #VOFF4’s entries will remain online for free until December 15th on!


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