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October was a whirlwind of conventions for OMAKASE. In four short weeks, the Viewster team travelled to New York Comic Con, MCM London Comic Con, and MCM Stockholm Comic Con to hang out with fans and introduce OMAKASE to the masses. When you travel to so many conventions in such a short amount of time, they all start to blend together, so we want to highlight what makes each of these conventions unique:


NYCC is the most packed of the bunch, stuffing a whopping 167,000 people in to the Javits Center over the course of a long weekend. It can take half an hour to get from Artist’s Alley to the Exhibit Floor, and the aisles are overflowing with ornate cosplayers and unique merch you won’t find anywhere else.

At NYCC we held a booth on the exhibit floor where we hung out with fans, showed off a bunch of exclusive items like the Kill la Kill Vol. 1 gold hardcover manga plus gave away tons of free swag. Additionally, people who visited the booth had the ability to be the first to pre-order an OMAKASE launch box. At our Viewster Industry Panel, Rob (CEO) and Tommy (Product Manager & Curator) shared the development process of assembling brand-new & exclusive items including a gold Naruto figure which will feature in upcoming OMAKASE packages.


MCM London takes place in the Excel Center, a slightly smaller venue, but with a lower attendance of 130,000 people, it feels slightly roomier than NYCC. It’s easier to navigate as most booths and events all take place on the same floor with fewer massive queues than New York.

At MCM London we took the the floor, meeting with fans and shooting tons of #DontLoseYourScarf portraits. We surveyed con-goers to find out what sort of merchandise defines their anime lifestyle and also held some con-exclusive giveaways. Tommy and Hank held a panel of their own, featuring news about our upcoming collaboration with Cristina Vee and other exciting announcements.


MCM Stockholm utilizes a different sort of venue. The entire convention takes place on the main floor of the Friends Arena, where the national soccer team plays. This con is the darkest of the bunch, which is fitting as the sun begins setting on MCM Stockholm around 3 in the afternoon. The relatively small area makes for an intimate experience but once the crowds become overwhelming, there’s a whole arena of seats to kick back in.

At MCM Stockholm we were joined by Area-11 frontman Sparkles*, who joined us as we circled the convention floor, holding giveaways and contests. We also dove headfirst in to the convention cosplaying scene in an effort to find Sparkles* a proper Halloween costume.


Cosplay trends:

After travelling from convention to convention and snapping hundreds of cosplay photos, we started noticing a few unique trends at each convention. At NYCC, for example, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Deadpool. But alongside the Jokers and Harley Quinns, NYCC cosplayers seem to be gravitating toward the cult and obscure favorites, notably Rick and Morty and other non-anime cartoons such as Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. By sheer force of numbers, if there’s an obscure title you can think of, chances are someone at NYCC has, or will cosplay it.

Trending NYCC cosplays: Harley Quinn, Ken Kaneki, obscure characters

Wirt and Greg cosplayers - Over the Garden Wall
Wirt and Greg cosplayers – Over the Garden Wall

At MCM London, the majority of cosplayers seem to be attracted to Marvel and DC properties. Stealing the show are the multitudes of Supermen, Batmen, and all the villains as well. Popular titles such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are represented, but can’t compete with the number of superheroes and villains roaming the halls. Also, not as many Dr. Who cosplayers as you’d think.

Trending MCM London cosplays: Superheroes, Supervillains, Goku

Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent cosplayer

MCM Stockholm is more geared toward gaming than the other conventions we attended, and the cosplay trends reflect that. Among the best represented franchises are Halo, League of Legends, and (of course) Starwars. Another trend we noticed was a large amount of spooky cosplays, but that could just be contributed to the convention being held Halloween weekend.

Trending MCM Stockholm cosplays: Master Chief, horror, video game characters

Ice Drake Shyvana
Ice Drake Shyvana cosplayer

The final trend we noticed at all three conventions was a surprising amount of amazing Kill la Kill cosplays. We saw countless cosplayers channeling their inner Ryuko, Lady Satsuki, Gamagori, and Nonon Jakuzure.

This Lady Satsuki cosplayer stole our life fibers - and our hearts
This Lady Satsuki cosplayer stole our life fibers – and our hearts

 Merch trends:

With the upcoming release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens, there was an abundance of Storm Trooper and BB-8 related items for sale. In addition, the plushy scene is alive and well, and a certain lazy little egg is taking the conventions by storm. Gudetama plushies, key chains, and even snacks are filling the shelves.



We had a blast spreading the word about OMAKASE at each and every one of these unique conventions and look forward to seeing more fans at future cons! Is there a specific convention you think we should hit? Let us know in the comments below or shout out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


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