Convert Your Anime-Shaming Friends

There are a fair amount of people out there that look at anime and instantly write it off. They see a genre of entertainment that they have never tapped into and don’t have any idea of where to dive in.

Sure, it can be daunting to try to jump into a brand new field of shows without any guidance, but that’s why they have you. And me. If you can get them to watch these mainstream shows then there might be a weeb in there yet.

The AMC show Into the Badlands is all about a post-apocalyptic version of our world where the
viable land has been divided up by Barons that all trade goods back and forth maintaining a delicate balance of peaceful aggression. Guns have been outlawed and each Baron has a personal army of soldiers along with a top warrior known as a Regent that represents them in battle. This show features graphic bloody over-the-top sword fights and reminds me of Fate/Stay Night. There is more magic in Fate/Stay Night but if you dig the one-on-one swordplay and violence then it might become your gateway show.

There was a BBC show called Misfits about school kids with odd and off-kilter superpowers. It features a bunch of juvenile delinquents that end up accidentally getting superpowers and having to deal with the fallout. For an anime fan, that summary might confuse them with the super-powered kid show called Charlotte. Both shows highlight kids with aberrant behavioral tendencies and unusual powers. So if you’re a fan of superhero dramas with a bit of an edge then you should give Charlotte a chance.

Image source: Funimation Films

The Netflix series Sense 8 is coming back this May with a new season and the Japanese film Your Name has recently become the highest grossing anime ever. They both introduce characters that have an uncanny psychic link to strangers somewhere else in the world. The series and the movie show how these extraordinary connections can lead to profoundly emotional relationships between these seemingly complete strangers. (As if you needed another reason to check out Your Name while its playing in theaters.)

What anime do you think is the best gateway show?



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