A Place Further Than The Universe Café Now Open

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Well, this didn’t take long. With the immense popularity that A Place Further Than The Universe has garnered, an anime-themed café is now in the works (and it’ll be open by the time you read this)!

The collaboration café pairs A Place Further Than the Universe and “Karaoke Pasela”.

The menu itself is spread over three locations (two locations have the same menu) which I’ve mapped out at the end of the article. The café is open through Sunday, March 25th.

These three menus feature dishes and drinks representative of our four main characters: Shirase, Hinata, Yuzuki, and Kimari.

Before I begin, I apologize for my very rough translations. My Japanese isn’t great yet.

I’ve done my best with my current knowledge (and Google Translate). Let’s go on this adventure together!

Our first menu is at Pasela Akiba Showadorikan. Here, you can expect to find meals representing each character.

place further than the universe
©Yorimoi Partners

The first dish is “Kimari’s Challenge! Pork Cutlet with Rice!” (with egg). Based on the size, I’m not sure how it’s a challenge, but who can turn down Katsudon?

place further than the universe
©Yorimoi Partners

Dish two is Hinata’s Oden and onigiri (rice ball). Oden is a soup containing a variety of healthy ingredients in a light soy broth.

place further than the universe
©Yorimoi Partners

Dish three is Yuzuki’s Hot Japanese Udon (a thick noodle soup typically served with meat and/or vegetables in a dashi, soy sauce, and mirin broth).

place further than the universe
©Yorimoi Partners

And last, but first in my stomach, is Shirase’s Chocolate Penguin Parfait. God dang, that’s so cute. I’d almost feel wrong eating it.

And with that, we’re onto our second (and third) location!


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