Cristina Vee’s Menagerie is Coming to OMAKASE

For those of you not already familiar, Cristina Vee is a superstar in the world of anime and video game voice acting with over 100 projects under her belt. Her anime roles include such major names as Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon series and Sakura from Fate/Stay Night. In video games, her resume is just as impressive with Riven the Exile from League of Legends and Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, as well as countless others.

What you may not know about Cristina is that along with her voice acting pedigree, she is also an extremely talented singer. If her role as bassist and back-up vocalist Mio Akiyama on K-On! is not enough to convince you, her youtube channel where she often uploads videos of herself singing covers of well-known songs from every corner of the pop culture multiverse has over 55,000 avid subscribers.

Now for the great news: Cristina Vee is partnering with Viewster to release her first EP, Menagerie, exclusively to OMAKASE subscribers!

Menagerie Album Cover

With the talented DJ Bouche producing, Menagerie is sure to be a breakout hit you won’t wanna miss. To get in on this talented artist’s debut EP, simply join the OMAKASE experience and receive a curated package of artfully selected merchandise every other month alongside our premium anime streaming service and other digital exclusives.

Menagerie will be available to subscribers shortly after our Kill la Kill themed package ships. It is the first of many musical offerings we will provide solely to OMAKASE subscribers, so join today to make sure you don’t miss out on any exclusive promotions.


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