Crowdfund Anime: Check Out These Sites


Crowdfunding sites have grown in popularity over the last ten years. In 2016, crowdfunding raised over USD$736 million for countless projects and was responsible for bringing many interesting things into the world.

I decided to compile some of the best crowdfunding sources for otaku around the world, so you can donate a few bucks to maybe help bring something anime into existence.


Kinda like the Japanese version of Kickstarter, Campfire accepts many different ideas – many of which are anime and manga. Very popular.

They have a lot of sweet looking projects, so I’ll just leave this link to the anime category. Oh the possibilities…

Oh yea, and check this one out. Not anime, but still hilarious:

Otaku Mode

This newcomer is all about anime (in case you missed that from the title).

While technically an online shop for all things anime, they’ve started listing crowdfunding merchandise – many are in collaboration with larger studios who want to test product ideas. For example, this Attack on Titan backpack is a collaboration with the anime’s official website.

Another successful project includes this I Am Setsuna music box sheet music.

They currently funded and a new Kud Wafter spinoff project. Check out the vid – looks promising.


There have been some epic campaigns on Kickstarter, which is where the most professional creatives head to first.

This site has had some incredible projects cross its path. Like Under the Dog, which was over-funded and released back in 2014. There’s an interesting looking fan project that’s currently accepting funding.


While a little older than Kickstarter, Indiegogo isn’t quite as big as its older sibling, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some great ideas on here.

For example, there was an anime web series called Abyssian Knights funded recently and an art-book for discovering new manga artists called Artastic as well.


This site is geared towards funding people and charities, but there are a handful of anime passion projects on this site.

This guy is trying to start his own anime production studio. This fellow is raising funding to keep his anime series Zenos alive.


Makuake doesn’t have as much anime, but they have lot’s of creative projects from Japanese entrepreneurs. You’ll find everything from beer and sake startups to headphones and stationary.

I like many of the high-quality items on here – like this dope watch and this down trenchcoat. Oh, and this weapon kit for children looks fun!

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