Cygames Gets Their Head in the Game with Juventus

Cygames Gets Their Head in the Game with Juventus e-sports
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Cygames, the creators of Granblue Fantasy, are looking to raise their cred outside the video game world. According to CEO Koichi Watanabe, they’re all about being more than just a game manufacturer. They want to branch out into as many areas as possible, showing they’re “always ready to play.” And if their e-sports league wasn’t a sign of that, maybe their football sponsorship will be.

Cygames Beast

Earlier this year, Cygames jumped into the growing world of esports by forming Cygames Beast. First on their roster were top fighting gamers Daigo, Snake Eyez, and PR Balrog. Incidentally, that’s in addition to the gamers’ other sponsorships, which are still standing.

The world of e-sports is a lucrative field, with many events promising more prize money than the Super Bowl. Plus, it’s spreading around the world, with many schools starting esports departments to train future athletes.

With popular games like Shadowverse and Rage of Bahamut in its library, it’s no wonder Cygames wants to jump into that field. Even so, there’s one other place you’ll be seeing the company showing their support soon: the football field.

Always Ready to Play


Cygames recently announced that they’re teaming up with Juventus, Italy’s premier football club, for a three-year contract. The company’s logo will be appearing on the back of players’ jerseys — the traditional black and white motif of both parties is a perfect match!

The new commercial, which will be released in multiple languages around the world, shows Cygames is “always ready to play.” Not only that, they’re ready to expand their e-sports product even more into the European market. With the increased exposure, they’re hoping to offer more foreign-language support for their popular titles. At the front of the pack is the aforementioned Shadowverse which (funnily enough) currently has an Italian version in the works.

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