This Dad’s About To Name His Baby “Son Goku”

son goku

Honestly, we’ve never wanted anything more for a father-to-be. This Arizona Dad needed at least 1 million Facebook likes to persuade his wife to call their newborn child Son Goku. Less than a week later, he’s nearly up to 1.5mm and counting.

Of all the anime names… it’s definitely not the most outlandish he could have chosen. It’s an incredibly badass choice for the Dragon Ball fandom, and/or it’s a predetermined life of bullying. Depends on how many of his schoolmates are familiar with Dragon Ball, we guess.

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Posted by Carlos Sanchez on Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Carlos explains that his wife had set a condition on his choosing their baby’s name, it’s the million likes or nothing. Of course, she set the bar on high thinking he’d never reach it. And now frankly, he’ll probably get his naming way with any other future children too.

The whole thing has us second guessing our naming game. Why opt for something boring?? Kids aren’t on any of our radars any time soon.. But who says we can’t name our dog Tuxedo Mask?! Or Wendy Marvell.

Anyway, let’s hope that Carlos’ wife doesn’t back out.

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