Dallos Is One Smoking Classic!!!

As most of you all know, we LOVE classics. We also love sweet, sweet anime classics like, Dallos. Have you all not heard its iconic opening? Please do yourself a favor and stop reading and click this link. We can wait. You listened to it? GOOD! Little gems like this one are the reasons why we gush over classics and why we feel quite hipster when talking about them.

Dallos is special in more ways than one. First it is considered to be the very first anime OVA that was sent directly to home video circulation! That is pretty wild to think about; that and VHS tapes. What makes this anime worthy of a standalone post is the second fact, it is a pure piece of art. Sure, it has it’s rough parts here and there but what older titles didn’t? It shines in a way that we just find purely mesmerizing. It is an action packed sci-fi that one could say is flawless! The art is timeless and frankly holds up quite well to this day, which is pretty rad! The voice work may sound a bit cringe worthy here and there, but pay that no attention. The story has more than enough background to allow any seasoned anime fan time to enjoy it!

The episode count is not anything that is too rough either! With just four episodes you could easily add this one into a nights worth of anime goodness! Don’t worry, Viewster’s got your back on this one. Instant party superstar when this goes up on the big screen. Just be sure to remember us when you host your next anime classics party!


While it is indeed far from perfect animation, at the time it was something else and it still makes the rounds among fan groups to this day! Which is exactly why we have it on here now! It is there for you all to enjoy over and over again! Now go, be free and frolic!

Dallos can be enjoyed via this amazing link!


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