Dating Sims Got Weirder With “My Horse Prince”


We all know what we want in a partner… but in case you don’t, dating sims give us all sort of off-the-wall options. Thanks to visual novels we can win the hearts of monster girls, alpacas, pigeons, and dinosaurs. But a few months ago, app maker USAYA Co. saw an untapped market and decided to go for it: bishonen-headed horses.

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My Horse Prince (originally titled Uma no Prince-sama, a pun on the full name of the UtaPri franchise) is a smartphone game where you, a pretty young woman, find yourself in the company of Yuuma. Yuuma is either a horse with the face of a handsome boy, or a handsome boy with the body of a horse. We haven’t quite worked that one out yet. Feel free to state your case in the comments.

In order to progress in a relationship with Yuuma (because that’s what you want, right?) you converse with him and feed him carrots. Once you’ve reached the right balance of carrots and conversation to keep him motivated, you progress to the next level, and more story chapters unlock. Where do they lead? Well… we haven’t actually played it yet. But we’re assured the story is magical.

USAYA Co. has several other free-to-play smartphone games under their belt, incidentally — and they’re all pretty much what they say on the tin. Daikon Joshi casts you as a schoolgirl climbing a giant white radish, while in Bunny and Milk Bottle you are… a bunny trying to get out of a milk bottle. And in Chikuwa Cat? Well, obviously, you’re a cat launching yourself between chikuwa tubes likes cannons.

Most of USAYA Co.’s games have a rougher, more hand-drawn style. But My Horse Prince completely embraces the dating sim aesthetic.

Want to give it a try? It’s available free for both iPhone and Android. Let us know if you succeed in winning Yuuma’s heart!… and, you know, let us know how that works out for you.

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