Developer Niantic To Pay $1.6 Million For Failed Pokémon Go Fest

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Does anyone else remember the completely botched Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago last year? Well if you don’t, it was a disaster. They were completely unprepared for the large number of people that arrived and their tech was not nearly strong enough to provide Wifi for the big turnout.

Some people had a good time, but most of the fans left pretty upset and severely disappointed. Fans had spent all sort of cash on traveling and sleeping accommodations. At first, Niantic tried to salvage the player’s opinions by refunding ticket prices, giving out $100 in in-game currency to all attendees, and handing out some legendary Pokémon to all of them.

Now the nearly 20,000 attendees are getting a bit more for their bad experience.

It’s been reported by TechCrunch that Niantic has settled a class action lawsuit for just under $1.6 million. This money is going to go towards paying off the traveling and hotel expenses of the Pokémon Go players that attended the event. A website is currently in the process of being built where attendees can sign up for their portion of the payout. As TechCrunch reports:

 According to documents filed in a Chicago court, an official website for the settlement should be up by May 25th, 2018, with an email sent to let attendees know. The documents also note a few potential catches: those claiming part of the settlement will need to have checked in to GO Fest through the game (presumably to prevent those who sold their tickets for a markup from getting more money out of it), and anyone claiming more than $107 in expenses will need to have receipts.

Now Pokémon Go has generated literally over a billion dollars in profit for Niantic, so I think they can handle this settlement without any risk of going bankrupt, but what do you think?

Is this a fair response to the disappointed fans? Is it too much for attendees to expect their traveling expenses to be paid for when an event goes poorly?

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