Did This Black Panther Star’s Love of Anime Inspire His Costume?

Did This Black Panther Star's Love of Anime Inspire His Costume?
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Micheal B Jordan is Hollywood’s latest rising star. He most recently appeared in Black Panther, and now we can add him to the growing number of Hollywood celebrities that have been outspoken about their love of anime!

Here’s what happened:

In a recent exchange on Twitter, somebody tweeted:

A quasi-jab at Jordan personally. But he was quick to retort with the following:

Then some Otaku, skeptical of his anime fandom, tweeted back with:

We’ve all been there, right? Someone says “I love anime” but have only ever seen a couple episodes of something on Netflix… But Jordan’s response was decent:

Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

But this Twitter tangent got me thinking… Jordan, who is 31 years old, grew up in a time when anime was growing in popularity around the world . He would’ve been around 10 when Dragon Ball Z first hit Cartoon Network in the US. I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing there’s a good chance he watched some DBZ.

How can I be sure? Well how about this:

is killmonger vegeta
Source: Marvel Movie Wikia

Call me crazy, but if can’t see the similarities in these outfits, you’re nuts. The breastplate… the shoulder straps… the blue sleeves…

Wild fan theory? Perhaps, but I choose to believe that Micheal B Jordan got his costume designers to model Erik “N’Jadaka” Killmonger after one of his favorite anime characters – Vegeta the Saiyan Prince!!!

If it were any other movie, I’d call it a coincidence, but this is Marvel. They’ve been known to litter their films with Easter Eggs, references to other movies, and hints for whats to come. I bet director Ryan Coogler was given the green-light to sprinkle in some outside references. They always do.

Whaddya think? Was Jordan’s costume inspired by DBZ? Or just a coincidence? Vote in the comments below.

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