Dine Like A Prince At “Utena” Anime Café

Dine Like A Prince At "Utena" Anime Café
(Source: animate.co.jp)

As we mentioned beforeRevolutionary Girl Utena is celebrating the Big 2-0 this year. How is Japan celebrating? With a café event, of course. Ikebukuro’s Animate Café is getting an Ohtori makeover now through September!

Sunlit Garden Snacks

Dine Like A Prince At "Utena" Anime Café
(Source: animate.co.jp)

Of course, the most exciting part of an anime café is the menu. Think Shadow Girl themed cookies… Plus refreshing looking drinks for Utena, Anthy, and others. Utena’s “Revolutionize the World” drink is a mix of cranberry juice and white water (yogurt-flavored water) with whipped cream and a white sugar rose. You can also try Touga’s Playboy Tea, Saionji’s Hard Soda, or… Nanami’s Happy Milk? There’s also a Chuchu cappuccino and hot strawberry milk with a Shadow Girl’s silhouette dusted on top in chocolate powder.

We expect we’ll see a food menu before much longer. But even when it does come out, that won’t be all of it. In September, new food and drink items will be added to the menu to keep it fresh.

Something to Take Home

Dine Like A Prince At "Utena" Anime Café
(Source: animate.co.jp)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a collaboration café without merch. Like the menu, we’ve yet to see all of it. But what we’ve seen so far looks pretty cool! The merchandise page has already revealed keyrings depicting scenes from the first 24 episodes, cork coasters featuring the Shadow Girls, ten collectible pinback buttons, and a specially blended hibiscus and rose tea.

Additionally, visitors who order a drink from the café will get a random collectible cardboard coaster. There are eight total… we can come up with at least eight excuses to visit the café, right?

Ikebukuro’s Animate Café is open in Utena style from August 1 to September 1. Check out their website for more information!




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