Does Kill la Kill Still Matter?

In keeping with the passionate love for the series Kill la Kill here at Viewster, I felt it was only right that I give my input on the series as well. Is Kill la Kill still current? Does it still matters the question I have been asked by viewers of my site and from those of my friends. Being the first anime done in a long while by the famous duo, Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima, who had previously worked on the hit anime Gurren Lagann.

Kill la Kill Mako

Kill la kill was the first anime series that I would ever have featured on my website. It was also a series that we here at Viewster would all fall in love with; being honest I enjoyed all the live streams of the series that Viewster had done last year. The question now is, is it still fun? As a self proclaimed mega fan of the series I would stress heavily on a yes answer. It is an anime that is frankly not afraid to show some skin and it is an anime that is not afraid to go above and beyond in its fighting scenes. Maybe it’s because of the duos work on Gurren Lagann that makes this a series that just screams quality, no matter how rough the art style feels. The exaggerated fight animations, to the adorable emotes from fan favorite Mako Mankanshoku. The art is such a big part of why I push this anime to my work mates and friends. It’s rough and exaggerated beauty has a charm that not many other titles can match. It is the story I feel is the main focus on whether or not if this anime still matters. Take from the show what you will, but the show has strong and passionate the mess behind the show. The courage to go above and beyond for your friends and family in the name of honor or the ability to overcome personal obstacles through sheer force of will is also something that is prominent. Kill la Kill has been an anime that I credit towards my enjoyment of the newer series that pop up and my recitation of series that are as wacky and as random as Kill la Kill. There is a lot to gather from this anime be it for the action, the epic collaboration, the fan service or for the excellent character development. Either way you watch the anime for your own gain, your own take away theme from the actual show.

Kill la Kill

Granted my opinions and view of the show are colored by my love for it. It was the first series that I got to sit down with and watch in a simulcast fashion. To me it is still very much an anime that matters as it has had an effect on what sort of shows I like to watch; it has also made myself a fan for life, for Studio TRIGGER. It is often one of the first anime that I will personally recommend to anyone interested in the more out there sort of anime; plus it helps that the folks at Viewster love this anime as much as I do. Which is why you can watch this anime in these following countries! (NORTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA(excl. FK, GF, GS), PR, VI)Aside from the aforementioned passion, the anime is just that good. While it wasn’t as hyped as others, it did manage to grab a significant following later on in its life span. This is why I still feel that this anime has relevance in today’s stage.

What would you say? Does it matter still? Does any show you love and or enjoyed still hold up as solid anime recommendations? Feel free to sound off in the comments down below! We love to hear what input you all have to offer.

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