Don’t Like Fan Service? LIAR!!!

We’ve run the polls… Of those who are willing to admit it, about 1/2 of anime fans watch it with a bit of delight for fan service. Assuming the other half is lying… ALL OF US enjoy fan service.

First thing’s first: Fanservice isn’t just about sex. Yes, it’s mostly about sex. But your favorite combat battle, favorite anime snack, singing character… All of it’s fan service. One could argue that every single scene in every anime you’ve ever liked is fan service, because it’s all there to please your senses.

Second thing: Fan service isn’t just found in anime.  For you Americans, those cheerleaders you love to watch during half time are fan service. The killer music played during a futbol game: fan service. The happy little toys they place inside your Happy Meal: fan freaking SERVICE.

And hetero ladies… I know you’ve seen Magic Mike.

The goal of anime is to get you to stay tuned, just like any other show you enjoy. It’s safe to argue that every one of you who says fan service ruins the show is simply, wrong.

YES, there are titles like High School of the Dead or Kohime Muso which sexualizes fan service in a pretty robust way (breasts don’t typically move independently of each other, I know this.) But honestly, what makes anime so much better than any other type of show is they blatantly design it to appease their viewers.

They create those short skirts and slobbery kisses with YOU in mind. It’s only going to get more robust, since every simulcast wants to take it to a new level. Let’s just own it, shall we? Because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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