Enjoy This Epic Samurai Jet Pack Battle

samurai jet pack
(Source: Softbank / YouTube)

What you’re about to witness may or may not be real. We’ve got no idea, we don’t care.

A quick backstory before you dive into samurai glory:

A few years ago, Japanese actor & director Shota Mori created a special device that allowed him to pop a hidden cell phone from of his sleeve like damn spy. Given his experience in the film industry, it was a super practical invention… So Mori kept at his new line of work. Now, he’s taken his Peter Pan-esque life goals to a whole new level: staging a jet pack ninja sword battle, complete with every ounce of awesomeness you’d expect from a 30-year-old geek genius.

The two swordsmen begin their fight with their blades crossed and their feet firmly planted on the ground. As smoke billows from the jet pack(ish) canisters strapped to their backs, they float into the air before and begin to fight.

You don’t bother to insert jet packs into combat unless you’re really serious about settling the score… So as you’d expect, our darker-dressed samurai cuts down his rival. Since he’s still got some juice left in his flying apparatus, he sheathes his blade glides above  his fallen opponent.

Some are calling the video staged, but Mori himself has remained silent as to any visual trickery that may have been involved.

And honestly, do you really care? With Mori’s eclectic interests and talents, there’s no telling what he’ll invent next, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be some combination of crazy, cool, and awesome. The more outlandish, the better.

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