Everything’s Better In Japan, Including X-Men

Image: Marvel; Saban Entertainment

Before Hugh Jackman and before Jennifer Lawrence, the X-Men franchise’s biggest stars was an American cartoon from the 90s. The animated X-Men series was one of the best adaptations of a comic book series to date and it still holds up even today. This show pulled story lines directly from the comics; it ran for a handful of years  before disappearing into obscurity.

We now know that when American cartoons make the jump to other countries they often make brand new intros or theme music to make the show fit a little smoother into their local lineup. This is the Japanese opening for the animated X-Men series (and it still rocks).

Once again, this proves that everything can be better with a little Japanese influence added to it. This video, in particular, includes two versions of the intro and commercial break tags. The whole thing is pretty amazing and the animation in the intro actually rivals most of the stuff you would see in the American cartoon of the time. It’s clear that whoever put this together didn’t know a ton about the X-Men or the series in general, but it doesn’t really matter.

It’s everything that anime always tries to be. I mean you’ve got Cyclops severing heads with his eye-beams, the often mocked Jubilee looking super bad-ass. Cable and Gambit are fighting what look like giant Mech suits and Beast punches the ground so hard it causes an earthquake that splits the ground open. Oh, and it looks like everyone can apparently fly.

I’m a big fan of the original cartoon and its own iconic opening, but I think this one pretty much takes the cake.

The Marvel Universe and even the X-Men are enjoying a live-action money fest currently, but if they ever decide to start making quality animated series again then I think it is clear they should look to Japan and the world of anime for proper inspiration. Now I want to see the Japanese theme songs for all my other favorite shows.

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