Fall 2017 Anime: Finding Buried Treasures

King’s Game the Animation - Crunchyroll
(Source: King’s Game the Animation / Crunchyroll)

There are shows that naturally garner hype before a season starts. Shows like Food WarsGintama, and Ancient Magus’ Bride dominated everyone’s “must watch lists” going into for fall anime. But like last season’s Made in Abyss and Classroom of the Elite, there are shows deserving of your attention that didn’t make many lists.

Here are 3 shows worth checking out:

Garo: Vanishing Line – Crunchyroll

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Bqexemyfg]

If you told me this show blew its animation budget on the first episode, I’d believe you—that’s how stunning it looks. But at the same time, our male protagonist fights a monster made of boobs in the first 90 seconds. So…you win some and you lose some.

Our protagonists are Sword and Sophie. Sword can best be described as the result of a wall being injected with testosterone. Both Sword and Sophie are independently tracking down someone named Moon Wizard who may hold information to a cryptic clue named Eldorado. Sword encounters Sophie as Moon Wizard tries to eat Sophie. In the ensuing battle, Sword’s partner—a sentient motorcycle named Zaruba—transforms Sword into a metallic, yellow cat cyborg.

Garo -Vanishing Line- is creepy, gorgeous, crude to a fault, and ridiculously fun. I definitely recommend this.

King’s Game the Animation – Crunchyroll

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgFQC9Avfhk]

This is likely the most recognizable name on the list. You may know it as “Fall 2017’s Bloodiest Anime,” and boy, it does not disappoint. Kanazawa Nobuaki transfers into a new school shortly after surviving the last King’s Game, but it doesn’t take long before his new class starts getting emails from”The King”. The rules are simple—obey The King’s orders or face punishment.

I love its potential. The tension in this episode 1 is palpable and lends its hand to more than a few shocking moments. If there was ever a perfect anime for this time of year, King’s Game is it.

Girls’ Last Tour (GLT) – Amazon Strike

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb_AKZfO7BE]

The stylistic choices for this anime hooked me from the trailer. The character’s designs clash with the incredibly drawn environments that surround them. And despite the girls driving around in a tank, the first episode was soothingly quiet. I was caught completely off guard.

The first episode establishes the two girls we’ll be following, Chito and Yuuri, and the world they’re traversing. Chito and Yuuri are survivors of what appears to be a post-war apocalyptic event. They travel together through ravaged battlefields strewn with abandoned artillery. The girls almost seem new to this world—they’ve never seen a plane before and don’t know what chocolate is. The shining point for the show is its sense of desolation. These girls are alone—there isn’t an insinuation of life outside of them. Furthermore, GLT establishes Chito and Yuuri’s relationship masterfully without using flashbacks or exposition. I’m in love.

GLT is refreshing with how oddly calm it is. I have high hopes for this show.

What’s YOUR favorite fall anime??





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