Fall in Love with Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita, also known as We Were There, is Viewster’s new and exclusive high school romance that has everyone’s heart aflutter. From studio Artland comes the story of Takahashi Nanami, a first year high school student who can’t help but fall for the hottest guy in school. The only problem is, his past is as mysterious and troubling as fifth period chemistry.

Can you feel the love?

Drama abounds as Takahashi must navigate the hostile hallways of high school as well as the emotional hurtles of life, death, and everything in between. Just when she thinks she’s got everything figured out, Takahashi’s budding romance develops in to a full-blown love triangle, a problem not even trigonometry class can hope to solve.


Fans of Director Akitaro Daichi’s other works, such as Elf Princess RaneFruits Basket and DD Fist of the North Starwill appreciate the way this show navigates clichés to deliver a romance that is fresh and unexpected. Whether your awkward high school crush is long in the past or sitting across the classroom right now, this is the perfect series to get your heart beating and your pulse racing. With Fall quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up under the covers with your own sweetheart and binge watch all 26 episodes of Bokura ga Ita, available exclusively through Viewster.

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With English subs worldwide (except French speaking countries)


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