Fall Into The Weird World Of “Kaiba”!

This week, we announced that we now have the 2008 anime Kaiba in our catalog. The surreal series is a joy to watch, both for its visuals and its plot. Still debating giving it a try? Let us show you a bit of Kaiba‘s weird and wonderful world!

Beyond the Clouds

In the world of Kaiba, people really are made of their memories. A mind can exist in a new body, making someone effectively immortal. You can also purge bad memories or download good ones.

Of course, nothing is as it seems (is it ever?), as the world’s massive social divide dictates your mortality rate far more than anything else. A world above the clouds exists in wealth and comfort, playing fast and loose with the bodies and minds of others for their own welfare. Below this is a world of hardship — and it’s where Kaiba finds himself, with no memories and a huge hole in his chest.

Kaiba has fallen from above the clouds, and doing so means losing your memories. All he has is a symbol on a stomach and a locket with a picture of a girl in it. Oh, and that symbol has people after him.

What it all means, and where it all ends, will start to come together as Kaiba gathers his missing memories.

Behind the Scenes

If the flowing visuals and bright-yet-muted tones of Kaiba remind you of something, you’re probably a Devilman Crybaby fan! Director Masaaki Yuasa worked on both titles. Kaiba was made prior to Yuasa founding his animation studio, Science Saru, and got him a lot of attention.

Kaiba was produced by Madhouse in 2008, and it aired to critical acclaim. The series even netted itself an award from the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival for excellence in animation (an award won the previous year by Gurren Lagann)!

In addition, the series features music by composer Kiyoshi Yoshida. Yoshida did OP and ED arrangements for Martian Successor Nadesico, but more notably was the composer for the film The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

And you’re likely to hear a few familiar voices, too! Romi Park appears as Popo — a helpful character in Episode 1 who returns later in surprising circumstances. Houko Kuwashima appears as Kaiba himself, and Mamiko Noto plays Neyro, a girl with whom Kaiba appears to have a history.


The world of Kaiba is strange and beautiful, and occasionally a bit disturbing. But there’s one very important thing to bear in mind if you decide to give it a go: trust no one. After all, memories can be altered in this world. So even characters who believe they know the truth may be stringing you along…

Watch Kaiba now (or take a peek below) 



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