Fall Simulcasts: First Episode Reviews

With all of the anime simulcasts on Viewster now posted to the site, it’s time to start in with the first of what will be weekly check ins on most of the series that we are showing to give you the skinny on what is happening.


Episode 1 Summary

Bellri is in training to become a Capital Guard for the Capital Tower. On a trip up to space though, the tower comes under attack from space pirates. After defeating the rogue mobile suit with a simple maintinance suit, he discovers that the pirate is a woman. After they take her captive Bellri discovers that her mobile suit recognizes him as a pilot.

How I Felt

I’m a complete novice when it comes to Gundam but even I could tell that this was a really bad first episode. The animation was retro in the worst sense of the word and the characters were annoying. There wasn’t even any particularly good space action. After watching this episode I actually talked to some Gundam veterans and asked them how they felt about the episode and the consensus was that this was a bad start to the series and everyone is hoping it gets better from here. Here’s to hoping I guess.

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Episode 1 Summary

Haneru loves to dance. It’s his passion in life and every day he goes to his secret spot and practices. What he doesn’t realize is that a girl named Kanon from his school has discovered him and secretly watches him practicing while also posting videos of herself dancing on the internet. Once the two meet they become best friends and form a dance team.

How I Felt

I have to admit that I saved this series for last because I was really afraid that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. It is a series aimed at young children after all. What I found once I got through the first episode though is that this is a sweet series that really deserves a lot of praise for sending a positive message about following your passions and doing what you love while being kind to each other. I think that I’m going to enjoy watching this one all the way through to the end.


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When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Episode 1 Summary

A few months prior to the start of this series, the members of the Literature Club discovered that they have supernatural powers such as being able to produce black flames, create matter from thin air, change the speed of time and more. They all thought that this would lead them into wild adventures but instead they find themselves living normal everyday lives that comes complete with a student council president breathing down their necks for making too much noise in the club room.

How I Felt

I really wanted to like this one but this first episode was just slow and a little boring to be honest. The introductions were just too drawn out and with the humor being mostly character based, it was hard to laugh with people that I hardly knew. I’m really hoping that this series manages to pick up in the very near future as I do still really want to like it.

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Episode 1 Summary

The series starts normally enough; Arata is a high school student who lives his life with his childhood best friend until a mysterious girl named Lilith appears with a warning. Soon Arata learns that his normal life is anything but as he is actually living in an alternate world that he created after the real world was destroyed by a black sun also took his childhood friend into the next world. In order to restore his world and get his friend back, Arata enrolls in a special mage school where he learns he’ll have to face off against seven powerful female magic users known as the Trinity Seven.

How I Felt

This is another series that I really wanted to like because the concept is so interesting to me but unfortunately the execution just isn’t what it could be. Trinity Seven could be a great series but it keeps going for easy jokes which aren’t that funny and they do it every three seconds. If Trinity Seven can find a way to calm down a little, this could be one of the unexpected hits of the season. If it doesn’t though, it’s going to go down as forgettable and ordinary. Which path will it choose? I have no idea but I’m excited to find out.

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Episode 1 Summary

Normally I would tell you exactly what happens in this first episode but honestly nothing really does. In this first episode, about a dozen different girls are introduced as they live a normal, average high school day.

How I Felt

I didn’t hate this first episode because I have a weakness for series about cute girls doing cute things but I do think that unless they start introducing something that resembles a story in a hurry this is going to end up going down as a failure. Even the best ‘cute girls doing cute things’ series (K-ON, Kinmoza, etc) have SOME story to them but this had absolutely nothing of note happening; just introduction after introduction. Again, this might turn out to be something sweet and fun but until they start getting some kind of plot going, I’m not going to be chomping at the bit to see more.

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Episode 1 Summary

Taking place in the Meiji Era, a new law has been passed which bans samurai from carrying swords which leads to a rise in crime rates. Three brothers are charged with helping to catch these criminals and ferry them across a lake to a special prison which resides in the middle of the lake.

How I Felt

Despite the title, I did not expect this series to be so filled with slapstick comedy. I’m certainly not saying that this is a bad thing, just very unexpected. Overall though this wasn’t a bad first episode. The pacing was a bit slow but other than that, it introduced the characters solidly and gave us a good taste of what is to come. Plus all of that foreshadowing was amazingly good! I’m really excited to see what is to come from this series in the future and hope that it lives up to the early expectations that it has created for itself!

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Episode 1 Summary

In the first episode of Fate/Stay Night, it’s all about Rin Tohsaka and her entrance into the Holy Grail War. On the surface it appears that she is a normal, popular high school student but in reality she is really a mage who has summoned a hero named Archer to fight with.

How I Felt

I love Fate/Stay Night. I love Rin Tohsaka. Was there really any doubt in anyone’s mind that I wasn’t going to love this premiere? This first episode did an absolutely amazing job of capturing Rin. In the original adaptation produced by Studio Deen, Rin was always strictly business and very rarely showed a human side. In this first episode though we get to see so many different sides to her that make her feel real and not just like some walking tsundere trope. The animation looks wonderful (which is to be expected from ufotable) and the story moved as a great pace. This is going to be the highlight of my season!

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Episode 1 Summary

Kosei was a piano prodigy urged on by his sick mother who dreamed of him fuflling the dreams that she was never able to. After his mother died however Kosei had a breakdown that caused him to be unable to touch the piano anymore and made him view the world as bland and monotone. That is until he meets the free spirited violinist Kaori who starts to show him that he can still enjoy life and music.

How I Felt

This is another series that I didn’t expect to be so funny! Normally with noitamina series, the tone is much more serious but Your lie in April was funny and colorful all the way through which was a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed this premiere; the characters, the humor, the animation produced by A-1 Pictures, everything! If you weren’t planning on picking this one up I strongly urge you to change that attitude PDQ and give this a real chance to impress you because I strongly believe that within just a couple of episodes you’ll be hooked just as much as I am.

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  That’s it for this week! Join me again in the near future as I catch everyone up on what is happening in episode 2 and beyond!


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