Fan Arrested After Sending Voice Actress Threatening Emails

Ayana Taketatsu

It’s all fun and games until somebody’s life gets threatened.

Late last week, police arrested 32-year old Hidehiko Yokoyama, a resident of the town of Kikugawa, in Shizuoka Prefecture. The arrest was made following an investigation into a threatening email which was sent in July to the talent agency of Ayana Taketatsu (Ayachi), a 28-year-old anime voice actress you’ll recognize from K-ON!,  My Wife is the Student Council President, Hajimete no Gal, Classroom of the Elite, and Dagashi Kashi.

The man confessed to sending 10 to 100 threats on any given day, with roughly 200,000 threats sent by mail over the course of 4 years. His last note, which was sent using a PC at a manga cafe in Kakegawa (also in Shizuoka Prefecture), contained the statement:

I can in no way forgive Ayachi. Die die die die.

Yokoyama has admitted to sending the email. Police reports make no specific mention of what caused Yokoyama’s anger at Taketatsu, but he seems to have had a strong obsession with the performer.

Somewhere along the lines, infatuation must have transformed into anger. He was identified by multiple Japanese news organizations as a forer “leader” of Taketatsu’s fan club, and even previously applied for a job at Link Plan, the Tokyo-based voice talent agency that represents Taketatsu. He made it through an interview but wasn’t offered a job, so that could perhaps serve as a contributing factor in his decision to send the threatening email….?

Taketatsu took to social media to give fans an update on her situation after the arrest was made, letting them know she was doing okay.

I apologize for the great concern and trouble at this time. I’m fine! I’m alright! So please don’t worry about me. I would be happy if you will keep supporting me without change from now on.

Taketatsu also explained how it’s been a trying few years, and while she’s doing okay now, she hopes situations like hers will become less frequent in the future.

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