Fate/Extra – Last Encore Brings The Saberface Love

Fate/Extra - Last Encore Brings The Saberface Love
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Altria Pendragon may be the most recognizable Saber of the Fate universe, but never forget Nero Claudius! Umu! The Red Saber of Fate/Extra and Fate/Grand Order has her own story, and it’s coming to TV screens next year.

A Little Something Extra

Fate/Extra - Last Encore Brings The Saberface Love
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The world of Fate gets a bit meta in Fate/Extra, originally a game about a game. Rather than the Holy Grail Wars of the past, this story’s Master is in a virtual world on the moon. Yeah. Really.

Within this virtual world, protagonist Hakuno finds himself with a lot of questions. The big one is who he is — because he wakes up with no memory of the past. Then there’s Red Saber, the Servant by his side.

As with the Grail Wars of the past, the prize is the granting of any wish. But the penalty for losing is huge: death in the Moon Cell. And if you die in the Moon Cell, you die in real life.

A Star-Studded Cast

So let’s get one thing clear. Even though Blue Saber and Red Saber look really similar, they aren’t the same person. Blue Saber is a female King Arthur. Red Saber is a female Emperor Nero.

Oh, and don’t get Red Saber mixed up with Saber of Red from Fate/Apocrypha, because that’s Mordred, Arthur’s son. Er, daughter. Simple, right? Right. Where were we?

Fate/Extra - Last Encore Brings The Saberface Love
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Of course, Nero isn’t the only historical figure of note making an appearance. Robin Hood, Francis Drake, and martial artist Li Shuwen also appear as Servants. Also present is Nursery Rhyme, who isn’t your typical Heroic Spirit. Rather, she is an embodiment of the world of children’s stories, and currently appears to be a little Victorian girl. Her role in this Grail War and the reason for her appearance are a part of the story… so we won’t tell you any more just yet!

Fate/Extra – Last Encore premieres in Japan next month. Are you looking forward to it? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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