Final Fantasy VII Remake: An Update

final fantasy 7 remake
Source: Square Enix

FFVII  has BEEN in development since its announcement at E3 2015…a full 3 years ago. The remake’s fallen into development hell: a place quagmired with delays, money issues, and changes to development teams.

Square assures us it’s still coming… Here’s the trailer as a refresher:

Here is what we know about FF7 remake so far:

Live-action combat

The combat will no longer be turn-based, like the 90’s game.

Instead, you control Cloud or another member in a live-action battle system. Things like the Break Counter and Magicka will still be there, although expect the mechanics to be adapted. Think Kingdom Hearts.

100% voice acted

Square plans on having a full voice cast for the game – meaning on need to read through countless hours of dialogue. Producers even mentioned they may ask cast members from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children to reprise their roles.

That might cut back on the 60+ hours it took to complete the original FF7.


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