Fire Emblem Warriors On The Horizon

fire emblem warriors nintendo switch fall 2017
The official logo for Koei Temco's Upcoming Game for Nintendo's Switch Console.

With the Nintendo Switch in full swing, I felt it apt to bring your attention to the one game I’m most looking forward to. Fire Emblem Warriors is about to be the game of the season: Here’s why.

fire emblem warriors release fall 2017

First off it is a Fire Emblem game married to the button mashing fun of a Warriors stylized game. For those out of the loop in regards to the Fire Emblem series, allow me. The game series is a top-down tactics game with an emphasis on squad composition and permadeath (your characters die for good).

For those out of the loop in regards to the Warriors stylized games: Think button mashing combos mixed with a strategy-like game, where you cream droves of enemies. Now, add some Japanese and Chinese characters and BAM, got yourself an instant formula for repeated success. The company behind the Warriors games has thankfully moved into anime titles (which makes me real happy).

We’ve already seen Nintendo experiment with this sort of play with their Hyrule Warriors game. This product saw the Legend of Zelda universe married to the warriors universe and it did well; super well in fact. Why NOT apply this formula to another very successful series?

Fire Emblem Warriors merits a good time whereever I go and the Switch is the ultimate entity in portable gaming. AKA, endless hours of fun.

Have a look at the teaser trailer that was released in January:


The game is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2017. It’s worth noting that Nintendo has not officially announced a launch date for the product; which has caused some angst. It is a solid series that is much loved the world over. All I can do is cling to what leaks pray we’ll get the title then.

Oh, and for those that still somehow don’t have a Nintendo Switch: don’t worry, there are more bundled consoles incoming later this year.



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