First Image of Mazinger Z Film Revealed

The production company behind the latest Mazinger Z anime film has released a first look at the upcoming movie. If you don’t already know, Mazinger Z follows in the tradition of the many old school giant robot action anime that have come before it. It tells the story of a young boy named Kouji Kabuto. Passed down from his grandfather, Kouji receives the power of the world’s greatest fighting robot, the Mazinger Z. Kouji must take on the dastardly Dr. Hell and his giant mechanical beasts. The original manga series started back in 1972 and has spawned into four different television shows and a handful of other movies.

This latest film celebrates the 45th anniversary of the original manga and will receive a theatrical release. This poster-like image is the only thing that has been revealed so far from the film. The tagline reads: “That could become either a god or a demon.”

What that tagline could mean is up for a lot of speculation, but this image certainly does make things look pretty ominous if you ask me. Will Dr. Hell gain some evil influence over the Mazinger Z? I guess we won’t know until they drop a trailer or this film actually hits the big screen. Since this is the only image they have released it means that we still have a little while before the film actually comes out anywhere.

That means it is a great time to catch up on the anime Mazinger Z series

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