Five Picks: The Beginning of Summer, the Beginning of Gay! Part 2.

So last week we gave you five good reasons to stay out of the heat, and gay it up a bit. This week we’ve got five somewhat more provocative queer titles on offer. From the existential Irish angst of Identities, and the gender-neutral love story of XXY to the far-out “What If?” scenario behind Different, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.

We know it’s summer, and it’s hot, so whether you’re outside working on your tan (you know we have Viewster apps for iOS and Android, right?) or have some downtime between BBQ’s and catching up with Orange is the New Black, these five films will help you keep your cool. (Speaking of OITB and you’re a Laverne Cox fan, check out her documentary Born Male, Living Female below.)

Butterfly Kiss on Viewster

Butterfly Kiss

Available in the US.

Michael Winterbottom directed this one … which is perfect for those of you more interested in life beyond “boystown”. Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction) ravages her way through this bizarre, creepy, touching, dreamlike and disturbing story about two women (or is she schizophrenic?) who meet and fall in love, then embark on a killing spree across England. Whoa!

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Born Male Living Female on Viewster

Born Male, Living Female

Available worldwide.

Here’s a rather stylish (aren’t we all?) yet in-depth look at the complicated lives of four male to female transgender individuals living in New York City, working as models, musicians, fashion execs and escorts, facing a variety of personal issues – identity, sexuality, surgery and discrimination.

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Identities on Viewster


Available worldwide.

The documentary ‘Identities’ is a collection of stories depicting the multi-cultural and multi-colored Irish transgender community. Identities describes seven personal stories, from the vantage points of Transsexualism, Transvestism, Homosexuality, Sexual identity, Gender Dysphoria, Drag and Sex. Told through interviews and artistically interpreted segways, ‘Identities’ brings to the forefront the hardships, discrimination, and rejection, faced by these brave Irish pioneers, who are compelled to live their own truth.

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Different on Viewster


Available worldwide (short).

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in an all-gay world, here’s your chance to find out. Liberty High School student Justin has been holding a deeply kept secret: He is a …. heterosexual! To make matters worse (being that it’s High School and all) the homecoming dance is coming up, and Bobby, handsome captain of the (gay) football team wants Justin as his date. But Justin is nursing a secret crush on …  Joanne. What’s a straight guy to do?

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XXY on Viewster


Available in the US.

This is about an inter-sex person suffering from a high-school crush. 15 year-old Alex, who was born an inter-sex child, must deal with the fallout after her overbearing mother invites friends from Buenos Aires to visit their house on the gorgeous Uruguayan shore.  Alex is immediately drawn to Álvaro, their 16-year-old son (Martin Piroyanski) and struggles to deal with this unexpected attraction, and how it plays out in the real world.

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Alright so that’s the 411 on some of our bestest, gayest films on Viewster. Hopefully, you’ve bookmarked the ones that caught your eye. If not, you can always check back here for the ones you missed. In the meantime, stay gay, stay  yourself, and stay proud!

Steven Scott + David Kwok


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