Five Picks: The Beginning of Summer, the Beginning of Gay!

It’s Pride Season y’all! We hope all of you who already had their Pride Events had a great time. People toss around words like diversity and tolerance, and frankly, the gay community already knows these words quite well. That’s the whole point of Pride, right? Celebrating diversity. We at Viewster love diversity, and we’d love to showcase some of the diverse LGBITQ films we have on offer—just in time for summer.

We’ve got compelling documentaries, clever comedies, campy musicals, brooding artsy short films, and some straight up sexy features. Knock yourself out, kids!

Remember you don’t have to be gay to enjoy these films, but if you clicked on this post, it could mean you already are (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).


Violet Tendencies on Viewster

Violet Tendencies

Feature. Available in CA, US, UK.

Urban sexuality comes in all shapes, sizes, genders and orientations. Writer/director Casper Andreas who explored a Slutty Summer and what is Going Down in La-La Land, focuses this time on Violet (Mindy Cohn from Facts of Life) who tries to get a boyfriend. A straight one. You know that girl, the one who hangs out with too many gay dudes, so where she gonna meet a man (who’s not into other men)?!! Also featuring soap-stud Marcus Patrick.

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The Big Gay Musical on Viewster

The Big Gay Musical

Feature.  Available in CA, US.

Okay so the title might be a little redundant, but it’s still fun and sexy. Paul and Eddie have just begun previews for the new Off-Broadway musical “Adam and Steve Just the Way God Made ‘Em.” After yet another disastrous dating experience, Paul has an epiphany. He is done dating and just wants to be a slut like the sexy chorus boys that share his dressing room. Eddie has to tell his parents that he’s gay and is starring in a show that calls the bible the “Breeder’s Informational Book of Living Examples.” Well, let’s just say this has lotsa musical numbers, shirtless boys, and … oh, you probably already stopped reading and pushed play.

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Dyke on Viewster


Short. Available Worldwide.

This is a sweet, yet somehow bittersweet, story of Kate, a sexy (butch) outsider new girl who must endure a bitchy high-school clique. But when Kate meets Billy, the other misfit girl in the group, Kate charms her way into Billy’s heart … and her pants, with surprising results. Hot girls kissing in a pool; what more could a girl want? Well, how about love, acceptance and a few more kisses?

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Gay Muslims on Viewster

Gay Muslims

Documentary. Available in UK, FR, IE, DE, AT, CH, BE, NE, DK, FI, NO, SE, US, CA, AU.

With a serious, sobering edge, this is the story of a select group of British Muslim gays, who are brave enough to tell their stories on camera. It’s hard to fathom the idea that your very nature is at risk for judgement and persecution, but these brave souls are willing to bare it all, for the sake of a better future for all gays and lesbians.

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Making The Boys on Viewster

Making the Boys

Documentary. Available in: US, CA.

Making the Boys is a documentary about the making of the historic and controversial film, The Boys in the Band—which was the first widely released gay film in history. It features interviews with influential gays from Edward Albee to Tony Kushner, Cheyenne Jackson to Andy Cohen (Real Housewives,) combined with rare archival footage from the 50s up to today—Love it or hate, it’s a compelling look at a landmark film.

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So there we are. The first five of ten great LGBTIQ films that will broaden your horizons of the gay experience, no matter who you are, or how you identify. Diversity: that’s what Gay Pride is about. And diversity is what Viewster is about. We love our girls, our boys, our bi’s, and our trans-genders. We are strong together. Heeeeeey! And don’t say we never gave you anything (that rainbow tank top from Target doesn’t count—you said you’d pay us back for that!)

Be sure to to watch for the second half of our gay film picks in the coming week. There’s five more awesome films to look forward to. Now mix up a batch of margaritas (or a power-smoothie, no carbs!) fire up the internet, and get yourself some gay culture, compliments of Viewster.

Steven Scott + David Kwok


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