For The Fandom: Stream These 2 Web Series

anime news For The Fandom: Stream These 2 Web Series

If you’re like us, you just spent the weekend binge watching the latest spring anime releases… And now you need to take a quick breath.

Re-energize by catching up on two titles circling all things fandom:

You’re a mega fan. You’re up to date on every new release on your summer list… You’ve special ordered that recent Cowboy Bebop anniversary set… You’re dreaming of that future trip to Japan.

Stop everything and meet your new best friend, Jaymes Hanson.

You met him last year, and dammit you loved him. Tune in for the latest big anime and manga news stories of the week…

Best part? He doesn’t only cover the big stories—he does a phenomenal job of catching news stories that even I don’t know about. And considering his very impressive, on-display collection of manga and anime, it’s no shock that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of anime and manga news.

Check the latest Anime News Round-Up, right here.


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