Overworld: Forbes’ New Gaming Podcast With Serious Tone

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You know that gaming has leveled up when Forbes starts investing in content creation. And that’s just what’s happened.

Forbes has a reputation for being where professionals come to learn about business, finance, economy, and investing. It’s the go-to for suit-and-ties that want to level up their portfolio with upcoming industries. You can read about topics ranging from how hurricanes effect Florida orange prices to their annual list of the world’s richest people.

It’s not exactly a place for gamers or regular conversation about video game. Well, it wasn’t until now. Forbes has just put their name on a new podcast, titled Overworld, that’s all about the video game industry.

So far, topics have included E-sports, comedy in games, using video games in the classroom, and addiction to Steam sales (a serious concern for us PC aficionados). Their guests include indie game designers, such as William Pugh (The Stanley Parable), YouTube entrepreneurs, like Jared Bauer (Wisecrack), and academic scholars, such as Dmitri Williams (associate professor of communications at USC).

The gaming industry is no longer just for nerdy kids. It’s not “a waste of time”. It’s big business. Games are becoming more and more a part of our lives, and the fact that Forbes is lending its name to a show about gaming proves I’m right.

If you’re as interested in the gaming industry as I am, check out Overworld – especially if you’re into making games. You just may begin to see how big things are getting (and how you could get yourself into the industry!).

overworld hosts Overworld: Forbes' New Gaming Podcast With Serious ToneCheck out Overworld here, and share you favorite episode in the comment section below.

Launched in September of this year, Overworld’s weekly podcast engages in gaming discussion with a more professional demeanor. Mostly. Show hosts Matt Perez and Satchel Drakes definitely seek to appeal to actual gamers, but their conversation is a little more focused than what you’ll find on YouTube or Twitch.

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