Four Anime Too Unclean for the Innocence of a Child

If you’re in Japan, you probably already know this but Children’s Day is upon us! Part of Golden Week (a string of holidays in Japan which gives everyone a much needed week off from school and work), Children’s Day became a recognized national holiday in 1948.

After a long day of celebrating your children though, maybe you’re ready for some adult time. Maybe you’re ready to put the little ones to bed and watch some anime that is most definitely not for their young eyes to see. Need some suggestions? I got you covered!




Mercenaries, hookers, and mob bosses–this series has everything you don’t want your little ones meddling with! These guys are gritty, no-nonsense, chain-smoking killers. Hell, I think I developed a nicotine habit just watching the first episode.

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High School of the Dead

Even if your kids  are in high school, I still probably wouldn’t turn this series on while they’re in the room. If the blood and gore doesn’t convince you, the fan service will. Who knew zombies were so into short skirts?

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Golgo 13

Oh yeah. This is a manly man’s man but I wouldn’t trust him to babysit the little ones even if my life depended on it.





Along the same lines as Hellsing, there’s nothing to sooth young minds and eyes like incredibly bloody violence. This one doesn’t rank quite as high on the sex scale but it’s still not something that I’d put on when someone young might walk into the room.




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