Four Ways The Rolling Girls Will Exceed Your Expectations

You may have seen us posting to watch the Rolling Girls here on Viewster from time, and wondered to yourself what it’s all about. Well, I’m here to tell you just that.

In the near future, Japan is divided after ‘The Great Tokyo War’ and the a type of magic has returned to Earth, much like in Adventure Time. The characters learn to adapt to the changing country by traveling in teenaged gangs lead by a ‘Best,’ who has powers and abilities that are far beyond the average human (the Rest). Together they struggle to maintain order in the independent city-states that makeup Japan.

However, things take a turn for the worst after (no spoilers) a Best is knocked out of commission, and it’s up to a small group of Rest to try to regain a sense of place by collecting heart-shaped jewels, that act as semi power crystals. Not convinced yet? Let us push you over the edge.


The Artwork is Dreamlike

Watercolour sceneries mixed with more typical character artwork styles at first might seem a little weird, but soon you’ll start to look forward to how each city, building, and landscape are presented.

RG 4.1


 It’s a Good Mix of Kawaii and Drama

Cutesy stuff is fine for awhile but explosions, fighting, and social chaos don’t always mix well. Rolling Girls has found a good mix of the two worlds, blended it together, and served it up for us to watch. Yes, there are some ‘aww’ moments, but then its paired with some shady deal or a terrorist bombing (again, no spoilers).

to sellout or to not to sellout
To sellout or to not to sellout – That is the question


Your Faith in Humanity Will Be Restored

Teenaged gangs in a post-apocalyptic world doesn’t have to mean everyone’s out to get you, right? The group’s friendship has lead them on some pretty tough quests, but they haven’t given up on each other (even though they haven’t know each other that long). But hey, The Rolling Girls have taught us that even when times seem rough, things will always turn around for the better.

giving away her heart like it's Halloween candy
Giving away her heart like it’s Halloween candy


It’s The Perfect Balance of Silliness

We all know there are some ‘WTF’ moments in anime, but nothing’s worse than when it takes away from the plot. Sure, some of the villains have cats wearing sunglasses on their heads, and some fight with a giant clothespin used as a weapon. But we all need the occasional lighthearted gags and antidote in anime that gives us a break from everyday life.

RG 4.8


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With English subtitles in Ireland and United Kingdom


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