Friday The 13th: 5 Anime You Should Be Watching Today

Friday the 13th is upon us once again and for many of you out there, it means that it’s time to break out the lucky horseshoes to ward off any evil spirits which might be lurking about wishing you ill will and misfortune.

Perhaps this is a good day to just hang out inside and watch anime until the day is over as a just in case measure? If that’s the case for you, let me suggest some anime featuring characters who don’t need Friday the 13th to be unlucky… they’re unlucky every single day of their lives!


Girls Bravo

Available in United States

In this series, Yukinari is right smack in the middle of a dream harem scenario. He has beautiful girls all around him who want nothing more than to take him back to their fantasy land made up almost entirely of women. Unfortunately for him that’s the last thing he wants because every single time a woman touches him he breaks out into nervous hives!

Girls Bravo Yukinari
Yukinari, Girls Bravo.


Log Horizon

Available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Benelux

While some people would consider getting trapped in a fantasy MMO as lucky, I’m going to go the opposite direction and say that it’s actually more than a little unlucky. Sure, it’s not the death game that Sword Art Online is but you’re still trapped in a virtual world with no hope of escape for who knows how long. It’s not totally unlucky but it sure sounds like a bummer to me.

Log Horizon
“Would you please become my beautiful bride?” – Camaysar, Log Horizon.



Available in United States

Anyone who has to go up against the hunter Hellsing is in for a world of hurt and pain making that day their unluckiest day ever. I highly suggest that you not eat before watching this one because Hellsing is going to kill, murder, maim and destroy in some of the bloodiest ways possible.

Alucard, Hellsing
Alucard, Hellsing.



Available in United Kingdom and Ireland

Kyousuke is unlucky because of his little sister. A bossy, violent, loud, tsundere otaku who is more than happy to slap him around and make him do her favors all to satisfy her own hobbies. Any single day that Kyousuke wakes up is an unlucky day for him with Kirino in the picture.

Kyousuke, OreImo.



Available in United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand

It seems as though no matter what happens, Gintoki and his friends cannot catch a break and are always finding themselves in a world of trouble. You can’t get much more unlucky than this group of friends but I suppose so long as they have each other they will always find a way to persevere… or something like that.

The crew, Gintama.



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