From Seoul to Helsinki: Two New Series Bring Back the Bite

Unless you’ve had your head wedged firmly in a narrow space with little light or sound (we’ll let you complete that image), then you’ll know that vampires and all things that go bite-in-the-night have been the biggest thing to hit pop culture since that weird obsession everyone had with Rachel’s hair in Friends.

But if you’re getting a little tired of the same old stories in their 7th or 8th season popping up in your news feed, then perhaps it’s time to graduate to some more edgy and unique takes on the genre. Ladies, if you were into the girly escapades of Charmed but prefer a little Grimm Brother’s European aesthetic, then check out the sensual Finnish series NymphsIf you’re in the mood for something urban and sexy, seasons one and two of our action packed Korean thriller, Vampire Prosecutor, are now available.


Vampire Prosecutor on Viewster

Vampire Prosecutor

Korean Drama w. English subs.

Available in: AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IE, NL, NO, SE, UK.

From the very first sequence, a solid 5 minute car chase that ends brutally for everyone involved, you know that:

a) this is not your average vampire soap, and

b) this is definitely a Korean drama.

Vampire Prosecutor isn’t about vamps as old-school, love-lorn British sooks (pun intended), who are ashamed of their supernatural powers. In fact, Prosecutor Min Tae-yeon is about as bashful about his vampish awesomeness as Dexter was about his serial-killer tendencies. Sure, only a select few know about his status, but Tae-yeon uses his abilities to solve cases – the man can read blood like a book. Part gruesome thriller and part slick CSI-style procedural drama, if you’re a bit funny about blood, we suggest you suck it up for this one (pun most definitely intended). Watch seasons one and two:

Watch Season One

Watch Season Two


Nymphs on Viewster


Finnish Fantasy/Drama w. English subs.

Available in:  AU, CA, DK, HK, ID, IE, MY, NL, NO, PH, TH, SE, SG, UK, US, VN.

For the more romantically inclined, this Nordic fantasy drama about the young, immortal sexual predators that live among us, may appeal. Forget the pale people with pointy teeth, we’re talking about nymphs now, those ancient mythological sirens that have led men to their doom for centuries. And rest assured, it’s not blood these irresistible Finnish lasses crave from their male victims … Intrigued? Then follow the 17-year-old fledgling nymph Didi, as she learns the ways of her people, and how to deal with the deadly, full-moon urge to extinguish her bedmate.

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From Seoul to Helsinki, we think that these sophisticated supernatural series will revive your passion for the predatory and the undead in no time!


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