Funimation Unveils Ultimate ‘Cowboy Bebop’ 20th Anniversary Sets

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UPDATE 6/13/18: The Bounty Hunter’s Steel set garnered enough pre-orders! The beast of an anniversary set will be sent to production this summer & available for order NOW.

The 20th anniversary of Cowboy Bebop continues to pay dividends for its fans. Funimation plans to release some major Bebop merch. The most notable pieces are the entire Bebop series and Movie on Blu-ray and the original soundtrack on vinyl!

But hold onto your butts; there’s a hell of a twist on this one.

Funimation is giving fans a chance to select which Collector’s Edition(s) get made. There are three to choose from, each one with a different price. And through May 31st, fans can vote (with their wallets) on which edition(s) will get made. Each set needs 1000 pre-orders in order to be made. But no worries, if the one you select fails to reach the required 1000, you’ll get your money back.

If I’m being honest, I NEED ONE! And if I’m being super honest, my wallet hates me, and hopes I go comatose before these go on sale.

Each edition comes with the following:

  • The Complete Series and Movie on Six Blu-Ray Discs
  • Special Features Including a Newly Recorded Extra
  • Two-LP Vinyl Set of the Cowboy Bebop OST
  • A 200-Page Hardcover Art Book Featuring Illustrations and Newly-Translated Liner Notes by Dai Sato
  • Five Lithographs

Each one is a smidge different, however. Check out the box sets below, as well as the prices.

The Bebop Crew

This is far and away the most expensive of the three options. It should have been named “The Real Folk Blues” cause none of us are gonna be able to afford it. But god, this is gorgeous.

On top of all the other goodies, this box set comes with:

  • A Digipak Disc Holder
  • Two Character Molded PVC Bookends
  • Rainbow Vinyl LPs
  • What I’m guessing is Steel Lithographs


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