Furry Conference Cancelled Thanks To Plush Nazis

furry convention
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Furries in costume

Furry fandom – otherwise known as cosplay’s creepy cousin.

Furries are people who dress as anthropomorphic animals because they feel more like themselves while in costume. Their costumes can be quite elaborate, some costing as much as $10,000. There are even furry dating sites.

I admittedly don’t understand this subculture… But I don’t have to understand it – it’s not for me. To each their own.

One thing I DO understand – if you belong to a fringe subculture, maybe you shouldn’t dress like Nazis and play it off as cool. Especially a large group of Nazi wolves.

Rocky Mountain Fur Con is an annual gathering of furries in Denver Colorado which has been going strong since 2007. Unfortunately, the 2017 event was cancelled over the actions of a Mr. Lee Miller.

Miller, whose furry alter ego is named Foxler Nightfire, created a subgroup named the Furry Raiders. Members of the Furry Raiders include wolves, foxes, and other anthropomorphic animals who attend conventions together. Their signature costume accessory? A Nazi-esque red armband with the swastika replaced by a paw print.

These costumes have surely drummed up murmurs among furry crowds, but the event’s organizers took notice when Miller reserved a Denver hotel for 30 of his fellow Raiders. Organizers started wondering if Miller was actually planning a neo-Nazi gathering under the guise of plush fandom.

Not wanting to risk the possibility this was true or the inevitable negative press, Denver’s Fur Con was cancelled. The announcement went out April 20th on Facebook.

Miller defends his costume stating that neither he nor any Fuzzy Raider is actually a Nazi; they’re just characteristics of their alter-egos. Critics point out that the controversial costumes were thought up by Miller, which speaks volumes about him as a person. Regardless, he stated that he has no plans to stop wearing the Fuzzy Raider armband or attending conventions.

For those who are disappointed by the cancellation, fear not. There are plenty of other fur conventions every year. Just don’t be surprised if you bump into a Furry Raider.

Any furry fans care to chime in on Miller’s costume? Is that acceptable in the furry community?



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